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    7 reasons as why Freelancing Is Better Than Any Desk Job

    Nov 15 th, 2016

    If you are thinking of going with the idea of freelance, then you will also know all the benefits. In fact getting on your own and mainly ditching your boss calls for a lot of decision-making process and there are also other kinds of advantages of leaving behind the rat race.

    Less expensive and within the budget :

    One of the reasons why one should opt for freelancing is that it is less expensive. That is you can work at home without the need of driving to work, buying lunch which includes evening meals as well. In fact, when it comes to the salary you will be amazed that freelancers charge more than the employees and you also do not need to cover up the basics.

    You can ditch 5-9pm work :

    Mostly I start up work from and then take a long break from 12-4 to start the work again from 4 pm. Your clients do not care when you work unless you are present in the meeting and also the work is done within the budget.Rebuilding your life also gives a different experience.

    You will be more productive :

    Working at the office also means that you would have endless interruptions but working at home means that you can easily dodge them. I have to deal with corporate life for 2-3 times and the best thing is that you will realize how you can grow from the productive with each passing day. You can do your jobs on time and can also give more time to yourself.

    Increase of other productive projects :

    When the clients mainly pay on the results that are being served not on the time that is being served. You can build up new software and also add up new skills upon those projects. In fact doing different kinds of projects would also get you paid. Of course, one thing that you need to do is to reduce the hourly rate on the projects which would help you to earn.

    You can get yourself involve in other things :

    Knowing the fact that you are not fully – equipped and have to explore as a freelancer.You can pick up new things on your own and give more time to yourself. Being in corporate sector would mainly give you very less time for yourself which mainly restricts your development. When you are working as the freelancer, your time is completely your own time to spend the time just the way you want.

    You do not have to get worried about weekends :

    When you are the freelancer you can also enjoy the benefits of having your own weekends where you do not have to fit in your holiday on a very busy schedule but you can actively comment on your free time and schedule it all by yourself.

    Being your own HR in business :

    This also means that you can actually choose your own holidays on each year. The main responsibility of the HR is to take care of the workers. You can choose your own healthcare provider and also grant your sick days. In the freelance world, you can set your own rules and mainly enforce them.

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