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    ProjectSpout is an online outsourcing platform that puts employers and businesses in contact with a network of talented freelancers, looking to offer their skills worldwide. It offers employers the chance to post any long or short term projects. The freelancers then bid with their proposals and estimated time to complete the project. It is immensely beneficial for both parties.

    It is very simple online for both freelancers and employers. By browsing the website , both the parties can create their professional profiles. Then it takes a minute for employers to post their jobs free on the website. Freelancers can browse the available jobs 24/7 and if they are fit for a job description, they can apply for the job in a particular category and place a bid.

    Employer can accept the bid by choosing the most suitable candidate for their job. They can communicate with the freelancers all the time with progress tracking tools. When the project is completed and satisfactorily delivered, the employers can pay the freelancers using our escrow services.

    Employers can have their pick of thousands of freelancers who have the exact skills needed to get the job done, without undertaking the expense and commitment of hiring full-time employees in person.

    We do not allow projects with content that may harm the business operation or reputation of Projectspout. Please refrain from any such activities like Hacking, reverse-engineering, skimming, cracking, click-jacking, d-compiling which may result in the rejection of your project.

    Once freelancers are registered it is entirely up to them if they want to work on a full time or part time basis, whichever suits their schedule the best. They have to complete the commitment they have made with their employees.

    Once you create your username, it becomes your permanent identity on the Projectspout. Therefore you cannot change your user name.

    Different categories are available for the skilled professionals to offer their services to the employers. For example, if a freelancer possesses expert skills in writing and translation, they can apply for the jobs in that particular category and wait for the employer’s response. Similarly, the right candidates can apply into the categories of web / software development, social media, photo and audio and mobile etc.

    Right now we are offering services in specific countries to employers and freelancers. You can sign up and select your country from the list. We are constantly adding new countries to the platform so please check regularly to see if your desired country is available.

    A keyword is a word or phrase you can type in the keyword box to search for your desired skills and jobs on the website. For example, if you type JavaScript, freelancers with JavaScript skills will be visible to you.

    Posting a project on Projectspout is very simple and only a mouse click away. As an employer, you can click on the red button “Post a Project” and choose the best plan for your needs. The free plan lets you post your project for free. You can choose to upgrade your project to Featured or Urgent in order to make your project more appealing.

    Complete your registration details and submit the form the log into the website as an employer. Then you can select the payment method for your freelancers and it is all set for you.

    You can see the available projects on the Projectspout by clicking the “Projects” link on the top menu.

    Yes, for the new users on the website, it is mandatory to sign up for an account for the first time. To become a member of Projectspout, click on the Signup link and you can choose to work or hire on the website.

    You can log into your account and complete your profile as soon as you are signed up to the website.

    On the main menu at the top, you can see a link named “Profiles”. By clicking that link you will be taken to a page where all the registered freelancer’s profiles are visible to you. You can view their details like skills, hourly rate and username by simply clicking on their profile name.

    No, the good news is that freelancers and the employers can register for a free account on our website.

    Due to the violations of terms and conditions, your account maybe terminated as per website policy. You are advised to read the terms and conditions page carefully before working as a freelancer.

    Yes, the website provides you the option to login through your facebook account. You can simply press the blue button to login from the Facebook.

    You can change your password anytime by simply logging into your account with your existing password and click “Change Password” on the lower right corner of your screen. Enter a new password and save the changes.

    You can easily recover your password by clicking the login link and then click “forgot password”. You will be asked to enter your registered email with Projectspout, then the link for a new password will be sent to your email address.

    All communication and information / data exchange between the freelancer and employers is possible through our messaging system.

    The service is delivered when the freelancer has completed the task(s) or delivered the files.It is the responsibility of freelancer and employers to check the files for viruses so that no harm is done to any party’s machines.
    Projectspout is not liable for any damages which might harm your machines due to malwares.

    You can add attachment with the message through your inbox by simply clicking the attach files button and send the files to the other party. You can also drag and drop the files to the attachment section and send them as attachment.

    You can edit your user profile by following the simple steps.
    First, log into your Projectspout account, then you can click your picture thumbnail to edit your picture. Similarly you can click on your username on the upper right corner and click “Your Profile”. On the profile page, make the necessary changes. Click Save Details to save the changes to your profile.

    You can click on the username on the upper right corner after logging into your account. Then click “Notifications” to see if you have any new project waiting.

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